Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Rest of October

glorious autumn

climbing the apple tree and finding good windfalls to eat

hiking into the woods

stopping at "old joe" for a snack

 fort building

discovering special places

collecting sticks

 ropes and pulleys 
in the lilac bush and strung up to make tents

creative building with wood

kitchen helpers


beautiful local root veggies!

arts and crafts, counting and pattern recognition

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week One of October

fun in the october sun

laughing with friends

working in the barn


Mama Lena's bitties are getting bigger

in the fall garden

we finally got around to digging the potatoes

big and little



we found a frog buried under the soft soil

harvesting the last few beans and broccoli flowers


 food prep
shelling fava beans and breaking brussels sprouts off the stalk


rainbow lunch

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Late September


new areas in the room

sensory table 

back in action with fall-ness, bugs, and jewels to scoop and fill

the fort/cave/home corner

building "mister walkie-talkie roly-poly" with tinker toys

being bears in a cave (or is it a zoo?)

a new home for the worms...

and then OUTSIDE 
to enjoy the mild air and sunshine

working in the sandbox

they get really into their constuctions and creations
they've started liking for me to call them in for lunch like a boss announcing "LUNCH BREAK"

friends going for a ride

digging mulch

to re-cover the areas under dome and under climbing lilac bush.


snack break... 
pick a few apples from the tree

or have a popcorn picnic

up for another hike in the woods