Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Late September


new areas in the room

sensory table 

back in action with fall-ness, bugs, and jewels to scoop and fill

the fort/cave/home corner

building "mister walkie-talkie roly-poly" with tinker toys

being bears in a cave (or is it a zoo?)

a new home for the worms...

and then OUTSIDE 
to enjoy the mild air and sunshine

working in the sandbox

they get really into their constuctions and creations
they've started liking for me to call them in for lunch like a boss announcing "LUNCH BREAK"

friends going for a ride

digging mulch

to re-cover the areas under dome and under climbing lilac bush.


snack break... 
pick a few apples from the tree

or have a popcorn picnic

up for another hike in the woods

Early September

heavy rains brought to life a usually dry creek in the woods one day... and we hiked up to see it

in the yard, the children wrangled a tree chunk over to our work area just outside the door to make a hammering block. Everyone had a turn using our new kid-sized hammer.

our sunflowers finished blooming and the children got to take a closer look at the gigantic head of one, as it drooped down to the ground. They picked out many seeds to save for next year.

more fun in the play yard

picking flowers and apples

visiting the barn
to feed, climb and watch

in the classroom the children were:
solving puzzles, painting, weighing on the small scale and preparing food

preschool Montessori activities