Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Weeks 3 and 4

During the last half of April, Gracie and Cami kidded 2 baby goats each, things started to bud out and bloom, and my almost 8 year -old daughter Margot came for a visit (up from NC)

Gracie's week-old buckling nuzzling me

Gracie on the hill with her kids

Cami had a little girl and boy as well

Cami's 4 day old doeling

Z and baby goat no. 9
suckling on the children's fingers

the other babies got plenty of attention too

especially Basha's sweet little Mixie


Coco's kids are also very calm and friendly

Kali stays calm with all the children

Kali and Molly

surrounded by goats!


in the play yard

planting parsley

picking forsythia blossoms

working in the sandbox- laying pipe, building roads, growing gardens and burying pirate treasure


in the woods

mayapples are popping up

climbing on old joe

in the classroom

new works arrived from Kaplan that I ordered through a very generous CSEA grant 

new peg board work

fusion beading and dress-up
new floor puzzle

new magnetic letter tracing work

variation on the peg board work


pressing garlic
shaping chickpea nuggets

washing dishes

chopping red pepper


Margot shares a book with the children